Syrian Chemical Attack – Letter to Congressman

If you’re sick of American soldiers being sacrificed by our corrupt ‘government’, here’s a link to your congressman’s contact info, and a sample email you should feel free to copy all or part, unless you want to write a nicer, more professional, diplomatic one.


Congressman [Your Congressman’s Last Name],

I am against any further acts of aggression in foreign countries by America.  Please do anything and everything in your power to stop the most recent military posturing against Syria.  We have no reason to believe chemical weapons were used by al Assad against his own people, any more than we have reason to believe its the so-called rebels (al Qaeda branch al Nusra, funded by American people) using the chemical weapons.  Any anyway, it is none of our damn business, and certainly not worth our sons’ and daughters’ lives.  We are not stupid, and we are paying attention.  You will not get away with continuing to ignore your constituents.  We are organized, and you will be voted out of office if you continue on your current path.  We will also go after whatever special interest group which then puts you (publicly, anyway) on its payroll.


[Your Name]


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